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Welcome to The AVERT Project.

The AVERT Project recognizes the notion that when people holding positions of authority over others lack the capacity for empathy their potential for inappropriate and/or violent behavior is greatly increased. Whether they are politicians, business leaders, parents, teachers, military personnel or members of law enforcement, if they lack the capacity for empathy they run the risk of abusing their position, unwittingly or not, and violating those in their charge.

The AVERT Project is an interactive and highly effective training program that has shown to decrease the risk of institutional violence by establishing a system-wide model for behavioral accountability---one that improves relations among staff and those they serve while reversing the problem of staff burnout. In-house personnel are trained how to implement AVERT for their institutions by utilizing specifically designed media, workbooks, and advanced role-training techniques that are the product of over twenty years of experience in the field.

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