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“Walk the talk”

On the morning of April 20th, 1999 thirteen cadets from a Juvenile Services Center in California embarked on a training that had never before been attempted at their facility.  The goal of the training was to create an environment in which the cadets could acquire an empathic understanding of the experiences juveniles face everyday while being held in custody. Shortly after the training began, and unbeknownst to them, the trainees were arrested, and handcuffed.  An abusive officer berated them, an uninterested officer ignored them, and a third officer was firm but compassionate.  But in order to give them an even deeper understanding, the cadets were transported to the Juvenile Services Center where they were booked and eventually locked in cells for hours. The training continued for an entire day compelling the trainees to confront many of the emotional challenges juveniles face everyday while being held by the Juvenile Justice System.  The “Walk the Talk” video follows the cadets throughout their day, documenting their extraordinary learning experience.

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Jim Rowland
Former Director of the California Dept. of Corrections and the California Youth Authority

Kim Barrett

Chief Probation Officer of San Luis Obispo County of California


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