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Director’s Statement
Leonard Manzella, LCSW

“The AVERT Project is the culmination of over twenty years of my experience in the field. During that time I have come to view the vast majority of professionals working in positions of authority in institutions of education, law enforcement, social services, and private corporations as being decent people trying to make a difference. However, there are some individuals who, for whatever reason, take it upon themselves to espouse a code of behavior that runs contrary to the well-being of their institution and to the safety of others, sometimes without realizing they are doing so. With that in mind, I designed the AVERT project to establish a system-wide model for behavioral accountability---one that will eliminate existing codes-of-silence by creating an atmosphere of openness and trust through an on-going discussion that will cease to tolerate any individual’s behavior that threatens the safety and/or integrity of others.”

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 Leonard Manzella
AVERT Project Director

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