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AVERT for School Teachers


One early spring morning twenty-five teachers from Santa Barbara County in California embarked on a training that had never before been attempted in their district. The goal of the training was to create an environment in which the teachers could acquire an empathic understanding of what it’s like to be a student in today’s world. After completing a series of exercises carefully designed to prepare them for the day, the trainees were introduced to three teachers played by the AVERT staff. One was abusive, a teacher who would berate them; a second uninterested, a teacher who would ignore them; and a third teacher who would be firm but compassionate. They were then instructed to board a bus and transported to a school where they attended classes and were compelled to confront many of the emotional challenges students
face everyday while interacting in the school system.  The “Get It Straight” video follows the teachers throughout their day, documenting an extraordinary learning experience. 

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Bob Chapin

School Principal, Santa Barbara County in California.
Florene Bednersh

School Superintendent, Santa Barbara County in California.

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